UMC to Hire 100 Nursing Techs in Summer Initiative

University Medical Center New Orleans (UMC) announced its intent to recruit and employ 100 nursing technicians this summer. The Nurturing the Future of Nursing Program is a strategic move that aims to bolster the healthcare workforce while simultaneously creating a sustainable pathway into the nursing profession. This program promotes and fosters matriculation from student nurse to staff nurse positions. The goal is to mentor and educate participants for transition into bedside nursing roles at UMC upon completion of their education and licensure requirements.

This initiative complements the broader Healthcare Professions Pipeline Program led by UMC’s parent organization, LCMC Health, which has solidified partnerships with 12 regional academic institutions throughout Louisiana. 

“The demand for skilled healthcare professionals has never been greater, and UMC is proud to play a leading role in addressing this need,” said Allison Guste, chief nursing officer for UMC. “By hiring 100 nursing techs this summer, we are not only expanding our workforce, but also investing in the future of healthcare. These techs will have the opportunity to transition into nursing programs upon graduation, further enriching our talent pool and ensuring high-quality patient care.”

Nurturing the Future of Nursing is a unique program with a robust curriculum that is centered around hands-on training and one-on-one mentorship. Each nursing tech student will be paired with a nurse leader to provide support along their journey. Students will also participate in a networking program, encouraging them to connect with both leaders and peers to help create a more well-rounded and supportive experience. Phase 1 of Nurturing the Future of Nursing began May 20 and Phase 2 begins June 17 with graduation scheduled for July 26.