CIS Promotes Cardiovascular Screenings

Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) is celebrating American Heart Month this February by creating awareness of cardiovascular disease prevalence and prevention. CIS is offering free cardiovascular screenings at various locations throughout the month to aid in early detection.

Cardiovascular disease claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined. Both Louisiana and Mississippi rank in the top five states for heart disease death rates. The best way to fight cardiovascular disease is to know your risk factors, such as family history or lifestyle, and visit a cardiologist regularly to be checked.  

The body’s cardiovascular system includes not only the heart, but the arteries and veins of the entire body, including the legs. Symptoms such as leg pain, cramping, swelling, discoloration, ulcers, or restless legs may indicate peripheral vascular disease in the legs. It is important to seek out a cardiologist for these symptoms.

Cardiovascular disease is becoming more prevalent in those under the age of 60. Without symptoms present, those aged 45 or older should see a cardiologist and be screened. Heart disease can strike before symptoms are noticed, which is why it is important to determine your risk factors now and take preventative measures to lessen your risk. 

The physicians at CIS are experts in treating all forms of cardiovascular disease in the heart and legs.

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