HJNO Jan/Feb 2024

$1M $1M $1M of NewOrleans + ($/7+&$5( - 2851$/ JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2024  I HEALTHCAREJOURNALNO.COM I $20 SCAN TO SUBSCRIBE PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID USHealthcare Journals US Healthcare Journals 4-1104 Kuhio Hwy PMB 205 Kaapa, HI 96746 As BCBSLA Board Members Pack Their Million Dollar Golden Parachutes, Members and Healthcare Associations Question Selling Their Assets to a For-Profit Insurer. BCBSLA Buyout Hits Turbulence Changing the Care of Chronic Conditions: Metabolic Dysfunction- Associated Steatotic Liver Disease ALSO INSIDE: Supercharging Lung Cancer Screening in Louisiana