LSU President Presents New Economic Impact Study Plan at LSU Health NO

On Feb. 7 at 2 p.m., LSU President F. King Alexander, alongside Dr. Larry Hollier, Chancellor of LSU Health New Orleans, will present “LSU 2025: Challenge Accepted | LSU's Role in Addressing the Biggest Problems Facing our State - and our Nation” to LSU Health New Orleans faculty, staff, students, donors, and invited guests.

The talk, which will be held in the first floor auditorium of the Human Development Center Building at 411 South Prieur Street, will demonstrate LSU's collective ability to address Louisiana's most difficult problems through research, education, and intellectual capital. Dr. Hollier will update the group on LSU Health New Orleans initiatives and accomplishments that are improving the health and well-being of people living in Louisiana and beyond. The event will include the announcement of results from LSU's newest economic impact study, as well as specific information about LSU Health New Orleans’ impact on the health of our economy.

“LSU is recommitting to its land grant mission of research, education, and service for the benefit of our state,” said Alexander. “The entire LSU family has a responsibility to help secure an even brighter future for Louisiana, with each campus playing a distinct and vital role in paving the path forward. The mantle of finding solutions to the state's most pressing problems is upon our shoulders. And to that, we say, 'Challenge accepted.'”

"One of our greatest strengths is our comprehensiveness, both in being part of the extensive family of LSU universities spanning Louisiana, and as the health sciences university with the largest number of professional health disciplines in the state,” Hollier noted.