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JUL / AUG 2015


Healthcare Journal of new orleans  

from Ochsner can access half a dozen tab-

lets preloaded with several hundred apps

covering everything from fitness and nutri-

tion to diabetes monitoring. Patients can

test these apps out for free. Patterned after

Apple’s Genius Bar, a “genius” behind the

counter will demonstrate how an app works

and how it can be helpful for the patient. The

“genius”will also help the patient download

the app onto their smartphone should they

want to start using it right away.

Patients can also try certain wearable

and telemedical devices, such as a FitBit or

wireless glucometer. Ochsner doesn’t mark

up the apps, and if patients want, the data

generated by the apps can be linked to their

electronic medical records (EMR) to share

with their healthcare providers.

“We wanted to provide a low threshold by

which patients could have their questions

answered, someone could do all the dirty

work for them, and they can set it all up right

then and there and show them how to use it

if they chose to use it,”said Dr. Milani. “Then

they’re off and running.”

Whether patients welcome the apps into

their lifestyle or struggle to operate or find

benefits from the technology, Ochsner has

Warner Thomas

Richard Milani, MD

The first major study of American nursing,

“Nursing and Nursing Education in the United

States,” is published.


Annie W. Goodrich originates the

Army School of Nursing.


Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail becomes the first

American Indian registered nurse.