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“Technology is one of the tools

that allows us to deliver safe, higher-qual-

ity care, and it allows us to engage our

patients in many different ways,” saidWar-

nerThomas, president and CEO of Ochsner

Health System. “It’s something we’ve spent

a lot of time and energy on, but it certainly

is not the only key. It’s really a tool that

allows us to collect our patients’ informa-

tion and have them engage with us in their


“Going back 10 years ago after Hurri-

cane Katrina, Ochsner took a step back

and saw this as an opportunity to rebuild

a new healthcare landscape with innova-

tion and taking advantage of technology to

provide better healthcare to our patients,”

said Dr. Richard Milani, Ochsner’s chief

clinical transformation officer. “It’s really


From a healthcare apps testing center to

acute care delivered remotely via telemedi-

cine, Ochsner has been at the forefront of

technological integration thanks to both

an internal development team and smart

partnerships with other tech-savvy, health-

focused companies and startups.

The Genius Behind the O Bar

People have shown growing interest in using

health and fitness apps to monitor their

health and inspire them to lead healthier

lives. About a year ago, Ochsner jumped

on the chance to promote this method of

healthcare engagement for patients.

“Because there’s some good and maybe

not so good apps out there, it’s incumbent

upon us in the healthcare industry to help

individuals curate apps to be able to find the

ones they’re looking for and to help them

learn how to use them,”said Dr. Milani. “That

was the genesis of the O Bar.”

At the O Bar, patients both from and not

photos courtesy of Ochsner