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SEPT / OCT 2014
Healthcare Journal of new orleans  
By Carolyn Heneghan
Patients visit the doctor for a cure. While sometimes no cure exists, regardless, the symptoms are treated imme-
diately, while the root of that ailment may go unnoticed. Without knowing the source of the problem or how
to treat or even prevent it, patients grow weary and frustrated that the issue doesn’t seem to go away. Enter
integrative medicine.
Purveyors of integrative medicine believe in finding the underlying cause of a disease and looking at the
person as a whole, with the body’s interconnected parts and systems, rather than treating the symp-
toms, which is the consensus of how conventional medicine works today. Integrative medicine prac-
titioners employ a variety of natural and holistic treatments, such as massage, homeopathy, acu-
puncture, herbs and supplements, biofeedback, and hypnotherapy and emphasize the importance
of nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. Ultimately, they empower patients to take charge of
their own health and wellness.
While not as prominent as in other states, Louisiana, and specifically the New Orleans
metro area, does have its own set of established and up-and-coming integrative health-
care practitioners.
Integrative Medicine Practitioners in New Orleans
In New Orleans, integrative medicine providers have practiced for anywhere from
decades to just a few months.
Balance Integrative Health (on Magazine) opened in early June 2014 to become
New Orleans’ newest integrative healthcare provider. CEO Lena Sendik says
that her facility “works to empower our patients and to partner with them in
individualized, personalized care, and the goal is to helpmake themwhole, to
balance them and to help themoptimize their lives and live a more vital life.”
Unique to Balance Integrative Health, the clinic facilitates many dif-
ferent methods of diagnosis and treatment that come together under
one roof and include everything from nutrition and wellness con-
sulting to Easternmedicine and general counseling, in addition to a
conventional medical doctor. The practitioners for each modality
collectively review and discuss each patient’s charts to ensure
New Orleans:
It’s Time to
Integrate Your