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ne such local practitioner, AshleyWhit-
temore, ND, defines naturopathic medi-
cine as, “a systemof medicine that looks
at the whole person. It focuses on the
A buzzword
in progressive healthcare, naturopathic
medicine has surfaced as a new alternative to
conventional medical care. While some parts of the
country, such as theWest Coast, have been more
receptive to naturopathic medicine than others, even
in New Orleans you can find practitioners of what is a
newmindset when it comes to patient health.
underlying cause of disease, and it utilizes
natural therapies to restore the body to
health. It takes an individualized approach
to treatment, recognizing that every illness
is as unique as the individual.”
is branch of medicine takes a differ-
ent approach to healthcare than other con-
ventional methods in that it looks at the
whole body and how all the systems relate.
ese methods tailor individualized treat-
ment and focus on the cause of disease
rather than treating symptoms. Treatments
include everything from vitamin supple-
ments and water therapy to dietary and life-
style changes.
Six principles guide naturopathic physi-
cians in both their education and practice.
According to the Association of Accredited
Naturopathic Medical Colleges’ (AANMC)
“A system of medicine
that looks at the whole
AshleyWhittemore, ND