Regents and Donors Support LSU Health NO Health Education and Care

LSU Health Foundation New Orleans has received $360,000 in matching funds from the Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund for endowed professorships and superior graduate scholarships.               

The funds match private donations for these professorships and scholarships: Joseph N. Macaluso, Jr. MD, FACS Professorship of Endourology; Richard A. Culbertson Professorship; The Spirit of Charity Keith Van Meter, MD Professorship in Emergency Medicine; Susan M. Leary and Richard A. Culbertson Professorship; Linda Cao and Phuong Nguyen Scholarship in Pediatric Dentistry; Alliance to the Louisiana Dental Association Scholarship in Dentistry; Committee of 100 Scholarship in Dentistry; and Thomas E. McNeely Scholarship in Dentistry.

“These endowments are a powerful demonstration of private individuals in the community leveraging their charitable donation with a public investment,” said Matthew Altier, CEO and President of LSU Health Foundation New Orleans.

Created through partnerships between donors and state government, endowed professorships assist colleges and universities throughout the state in retaining scholars and researchers. According to a policy established by the Board of Regents, each endowed professorship is worth at least $100,000.

Endowed Superior Graduate student scholarships are established to assist academic departments and units to recruit, retain, and graduate excellent graduate and first professional degree candidates, as well as engage post-doctoral fellows.

“The Endowed Professorships and Superior Graduate Scholarship programs support our efforts to recruit and retain talented faculty, and the best and brightest students,” noted Larry Hollier, MD, Chancellor of LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans. “LSU Health New Orleans is the most comprehensive university educating health professionals in the state. Seven out of 10 doctors and eight out of 10 dentists in Louisiana are LSU Health graduates, and we are grateful to our donors, and the Board of Regents, for their contribution to our ability to educate each new generation.”

The Board of Regents Support Fund is funded through interest earnings from a $583 million trust fund dedicated in the Louisiana State Constitution, and is designed to foster excellence in education, research, and service, as well as promote economic development through collaborations between academic programs and industrial, business, and professional entities.

Since 1986, the total amount given through the Board of Regents Support Fund to LSU Health is $23,920,000, with a total endowment value of $97,936,321.