LAMMICO Presents “Practice Solutions” For Safer Medical Practices

LAMMICO, the leading medical professional liability insurance company in Louisiana, announces the launch of a new on-demand risk management resource for its policyholders and qualifying practice managers called “Practice Solutions.”

For more than 35 years, policyholders have trusted LAMMICO’s comprehensive, customized approach to risk management. This new online hub is the insurance carrier’s new one-stop collection of resources and services for their policyholders to be used to mitigate malpractice risk and other risks, and to help make the business of medicine more manageable.

“We were consistently hearing from policyholders that they needed more resources to guide them on how to efficiently and effectively manage a practice, while simultaneously remaining compliant and avoiding the risk of a claim,” said Natalie Cohen, LAMMICO Practice Management Specialist. “We listened to our policyholders’ current pain points, and developed Practice Solutions to satisfy their needs in the face of evolving regulations and systemic threats.”

LAMMICO policyholders and their registered office staff can access Practice Solutions by logging in to as a Member for a collection of risk mitigation tools to help with the daily challenges of managing their practice. Information included in each focus area of Practice Solutions is chosen for its timeliness in the healthcare industry, relevance to insureds, and risk reduction potential.

Categories of available content include:

Risk Reduction - This broad category of risk management resources includes sample policies and procedures, reference guides and manuals, practice management toolkits with quick tips, sample letters and logs, risk management education, and LAMMICO’s patient safety consultation.

Quality Payment Program - QPP regulatory guidelines, self-assessments, and consultation are available in this section of Practice Solutions to help insureds select the QPP measures and activities that best meet their unique circumstances.

Revenue Cycle Management – This category is inclusive of consultation services, sample policies, and key indicators to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of a practice’s revenue cycle processes.

Cyber Security - In partnership with cyber risk experts, NAS Insurance Services, LAMMICO offers policyholders access to CyberNET, advanced cyber risk management solutions inclusive of sample policies, incident response plans, and other compliance and training-related materials.

HIPAA - Templates, checklists, forms, assessments, and other compliance-related resources will soon be chronicled in this section of Practice Solutions.

News & Insights - LAMMICO regularly publishes articles to inform and educate medical office staff to reduce the risk of a malpractice claim. Practice Solutions warehouses news most relevant for the practice managers, administrators, and office staff of LAMMICO policyholders.

To become a registered member, please click here or contact our Risk Management and Patient Safety Department at (504) 841.5211 to speak with a LAMMICO representative.