Big Easy Parkinson’s Group Meeting is Feb. 26

The Big Easy Fleur de Lis Parkinson’s Support Group will meet Feb. 26 from 1-3 East Jefferson General Hospital in the Esplanade I room of the first floor Conference Center. 

The featured speaker will be Leann Hoffart, BSN, RN. She will talk about AbbVie’s Duopa Nurse Education Phone Support and Patient Partner Program. A patient who has participated in this program will also be speaking.

The meeting is free and Parkinson’s patients, family, and caregivers are welcome to attend.

The support group meets every month. There is news about medications, treatments, current Parkinson’s research, and tips and tricks for making life easier each day, all with an emphasis on living well with Parkinson’s.

For information on the Big Easy Fleur de Lis Parkinson’s Support Group, contact Sissy Roniger at (504) 237-2302 or

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