Anti-Defamation League and Ochsner Health System Announce Partnership to Address Bullying and Bias

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Ochsner Health System/Ochsner Hospital for Children announced a new partnership, aimed at eradicating hate among youth, and helping them to respond to end bullying in our community. Beyond physical well-being, optimal health requires positive self-image, social health and stability, and academic success. Over the coming year, ADL and Ochsner will be launching several new programs aimed at preparing medical students, pediatric residents, and practitioners to address bullying and identity concerns during patient visits. A new parent lecture series will launch in November of 2017, addressing timely topics such as “Cyberbullying,” “Talking to Your Children about Hate in the Media,” and “The Values of Diversity.”

Spearheaded by Ochsner Hospital for Children General Pediatrician and ADL board member Daniel Bronfin, MD, and ADL’s Interim Regional Director, Lindsay Friedmann, this partnership will strive to allow practitioners to develop the skills and understanding of how to engage children and adolescents in important conversations about bullying and identity. The initiative will also focus on helping parents and patients engage in valuable conversations regarding topics of acceptance and respect for all.

“Our partnership with Ochsner is a first-of-its-kind at ADL, and we are thrilled to see a healthcare system take the initiative to focus on the whole patient,” Friedmann said. “A child's social, emotional health is an important part of overall wellness, so having practitioners better prepared to help address bullying and identity concerns is an important part of optimal patient care. We are pleased that Ochsner will not only be educating their medical students, residents, and clinicians, but will also be taking the time to address these important conversations with parents.”

“Ochsner Hospital for Children is committed to the mission of ADL in working to enhance compassion, understanding, and acceptance in children, as well as adults” said Daniel Bronfin, MD, Medical Director, Ochsner Craniofacial Program. “As physicians, we often see children not only struggling with physical ailments, but also facing bullying and bias for being different. The impact of these problems has intensified in our current digital age. Ochsner’s partnership is an important step in having open, honest conversations, and providing resources to our patients, parents, and healthcare team to end bullying, and improve respect for one another.”

One of the free parent lectures, entitled “Talking to Your Children about Hate in the Media,” will be held at 7 p.m. on Nov. 14 at the Ochsner Academic Center of Excellence, Classrooms 1 and 2, 1501 Jefferson Hwy. in New Orleans. The lecture will be led by Jinnie Spiegler, ADL’s Director of Curriculum.

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